7 Most Common Objections to Using CPAP


[doctorstevenpark.com] 7 Most Common Objections to Using CPAP

Do you hate the idea of using CPAP for the rest of your life? Are you still struggling with your CPAP machine, close to throwing it in the dumpster?

I’ve successfully treated tens of thousands of CPAP users, and I hear about 20 of the same objections all the time. Here is a video where I reveals how you can overcome these 7 objections. This video is the first in a series of 4 information-packed, educational videos on how you can be successful in using CPAP to help you get the sleep for the life you want. I will post each successive video every few days.

In this video, I will reveal:

  • Why I had to make this video
  • What this video series is about
  • Why should you listen to me?
  • Why is a surgeon advocating for CPAP?
  • The 7 most common objections to CPAP.

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more at… http://bit.ly/2vu7zE2

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